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The Undercovers are simply one of the best function bands around!

Perfect for weddings, parties, corporate functions and anything else where top class professional live music is required. As a 9 piece band, the sound is amazing and includes live brass as well as multiple vocalists and instrumentalists. All the band members are professional musicians in their own right but have come together to offer one of the best live function experiences you'll ever find.  

Based in the South East, the band have been wowing audiences since 2007.

With a professional PA and sound engineer on board and atmospheric lighting included, the team can play recorded music before and after the live sets if required. And of course the sound system is available for you to use for speeches too if needed.


If you have a specific song you'd like to hear, for example as your first wedding dance, the band can learn it for you and have it ready on the day. 


Basically, if you're looking for top quality live music, the Undercovers can supply the full package. Get in touch for your personal consultation or simply to find out more.  

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